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water treatment, Reverse Osmosis, Filter Press, Belt Press, Ozonation, UV

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www.socalwatertreatment.com servicing California Industry since 2002Wouldn’t it be great if you could devote all of your attention to running your business rather than worrying about all of the maintenance on the water treatment equipment that makes your products possible?
Let us help you keep your water treatment equipment system running at peak performance by enrolling you in our Routine Scheduled Maintenance program. Its simple. We just load all of your water treatment equipment into our computerized maintenance tracking program and begin monitoring your service intervals. We take the burden off your maintenance people by alerting them when service is due. We can also provide parts and consumables required for the service interval.

inopure ceramic membrane test rigDon’t have time or expertise to do it yourself or the system does not operate at the expected efficiency?
Let us do it for you. Our certified, trained experts will not only complete and provide you with a checklist on the equipment’s operating condition, identify possible issues that need immediate attention and tune your equipment, we will provide you with an unbiased recommendation of any possible upgrades to get the volume and quality of water treatment you may need.

SoCal will minimize downtime, increase productivity , lower operating cost and reduce any penalties you may be paying through lack of compliance.

For more information please contact Bruce in our service department at 562 682 2484 x 1 or by email at bruce@socalwatertreatment.com

Socal can handle all of the paperwork, including detailed plans and system P&ID's, submissions to regulatory agencies, inspections and testing to ensure smooth and successful compliance and resolution ofWaste management training certifications regulatory issues.
System Evaluation and Optimization
Socal will evaluate water processing systems to optimize the efficiency of the system and submit a plan for improving and upgrading the current capabilities of the water treatment system
System Maintenance and Logging
Socal will develop a full maintenance plan for your existing system and keep detailed logs of operational set-points and maintenance actions to satisfy quality and process control requirements.
Upgrades, Installations and Automation
Socal has done upgrades and installations all over North and South America, China, New Zealand and Thailand. Full automation of systems and new equipment install and integration regardless of whether we supply the equipment or not.
spiral wound membrane pilot unit
Pilot Testing
We have a broad range of pilot systems, including Membrane, Pressure media systems, Filters, Ceramic membrane, DAF, as well as field and lab testing for all parameters and contaminants, including Iron, metals, turbidity ORP, pH TDS, Conductivity, sulfides and more. We will determine if your feed water is suitable for specific treatment types as well as test those treatment types. Full in house and certified lab testing available.
Startup and Training
Let Socal write your training and operations manuals, we offer startup and safety training, as well as concise operational manuals that your staff can refer to ensure proper operation of the system.

Want us to evaluate or upgrade your water treatment system? Download the process evaluation form here

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